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February 23rd & February 24th 2019      

She Never Sleeps

Fanike 2019 Flyer.jpg
Cultural Gala    

She Never Sleeps

The 2019 Cultural Gala honored female warriors in history and in our community. The dancers and drummers presented a dance story of a young girl who becomes initiated by female warrior ancestors to find her true power.

The FANIKE! African Dance Troupe 2019 Cultural Warrior Awardees

  • Olubayo Jackson

  • Rev. Darryl James 

Day of Culture II   

During our Day of Culture II, we presented the film "Akwaaba Dance" accompanied by a Director's Talk by Olubayo Jackson. The film documented Nya Olubayo's travel and her research connecting dance in West Africa & the Americas. The filming and talk was well received.   


Our Master dance class was led by Shola Jones. His class was well attended and phenomenal.

Over 300 community members participated in the weekend activities.

the culture continues...

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