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World Premiere 

If you haven't eaten rice...

       Aline Sitoue, a Diola Woman

March 18th 2023
Jamaica Performing Arts Center

"Vibrant" "Exciting" "Simply Outstanding"6

Aline Sitoue Diatta was born in the southern region of Casamance, Senegal. She is said to have had a 'vision' in 1941, which called upon her to return home to her people, establish a shrine, struggle against the French colonial disruption of traditional life and imposition of taxes. She is considered a national Senegalese heroine for her work with anti-colonial campaigns the Second World War.  

The Diola (Jola, Ajamat) people inhabit the well-watered coastal plain of  the Senegambia region between the countries of  Senegal, Gambia and Guinea-Bissau. They are wet-rice farmers and have been growing rice at least a thousand years. Traditionally , they were governed by village councils of elders. There are various Diola groups with different languages; Banjaal, KuDiola, Banjo, Fogni, Gusilay, Karon, Mlomp, Kuwaataay, Kasa  to name a few. 

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