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Pat Ghizamboule Robinson

Executive & Artistic Director

FANIKE! African Dance Troupe is an African dance company that embraces and respects the dance, rhythm, historic and growing culture tied to African movement. Our mission is to perpetuate the survival of African & African Diaspora culture & arts through dance & percussion presentation. We encourage the exchange of passion, wisdom and knowledge of African arts within our communities, especially between the elders and their juniors. FANIKE! artists have come together to provide cultural presentations in the Greater Jamaica, and Southeast Queens community for 14 years.


Our signature and annual Black History Month Cultural Gala occurs in February. In 2023 we have the honor of presenting our Black History & Woman History Month Gala in March. The Gala Dance Performance includes a performance from the dancers and drummers of FANIKE! African Dance Troupe. The Cultural Warrior Award is also given that evening to individuals who have made a cultural impact in our community. Our Day of Culture II provides opportunities for our guests to participate and learn about cultural arts through classes and workshops.


FANIKE! African Dance Troupe is available for short & full length cultural presentations, workshops, dance classes and life celebrations presentations; naming ceremonies, weddings, rites of passage, graduations, and Kwanzaa celebrations.


the culture continues...


Lenea Stevens*

Kim Bailey

Iyanu Ray

Kiabi Hopkins

Patrice Ricks

Thandiwe Price



Noelle Pigott

LaNiece McKeller

Ashonti Rhodes

Rasheeda Rhodes

Kirov Briggs

Atiba Morales

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