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February 27th 2021

Behind the Waterfall

Thank you for attending this year's annual performance, Behind the Waterfall. We appreciate your support and look forward to uplifting the culture with you soon.  

On Saturday Feb 27th, we presented our 14th Annual Black History Month program "Behind the Waterfall"


Throughout the year we explored the beauty, power, danger and healing power of waterfalls. We intimately explored the physical impact of nature on our artistry and lives during the ongoing global pandemic and altered state.


Our virtual presentation included our first phase of our film project "Looking for the Waterfall" featuring waterfalls in NYC and our dancers & drummers.


This year's presentation was archived on JCAL's YouTube channel. Search for FANIKE African Dance.


Waterfalls have always had a special meaning to all of us. They are considered a sacred place, a place of rejuvenation and a place to renew our spirit. They can mean uncertainty, change and the marking of a powerful event that will make you wiser.

This year FANIKE! is presenting our artistry as a gift of love, through dance and drumming. We are celebrating our culture and thankful for our lives. This virtual presentation will be hosted by Jamaica Performing Arts Center (JCAL) in our home town of Queens.

the culture continues...

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